Nordby is a coastal city in Northwestern Æsir that sits across from the Pike Islands on the mainland of the continent. Nordby is the 13th-largest town in the Baermein-Æsirean fiefdom, and the 4th-largest of all west-coast towns in the area. The town is situated east of the Living Sea and the Pike Islands, north of the Rhen River, and west of Blackpitch Wood. The town is also straddles Nordby River, which serves both as the town’s sewage system and drinking water source.
The 1220 Census estimated the city’s population at 1,092 on July 1, 1220.


Nordby was founded in 1019 by Thomas Nordby, who formed the city with a group of settlers who had arrived northwards from Pryshore to investigate possible material resources, namely, lumber, that might be taken for use in Shadekeep. Several of the loggers set up homes in the area, and the town quickly bustled due to merchant traffic of lumber.
Gold was discovered in Nordby in 1072, and the city’s economy quickly doubled to become a sizable community of more than 400 citizens. The city’s population has increased gradually over the past 200 years.
Most recently, Nordby has become notable for its “Big Red” fight club, active most nights of the week, which sees competitors from all over the coastal region. Currently, the best fighter at Big Red is Raork Myrnpith, with a record of 122 wins and 16 losses, including 81 wins by knock-out.


Nordby is notable for its relatively small serf population. Most workers in Nordby city limits and the surrounding area work for a wage of about 3600gp a year. Majour employers in the Nordby area include the First Church of Melora, First Church of Pelor, and St. Steer’s University of Western Baermein.


Nordby is located on the coast of the Living Sea, across from the Pike Islands. It appreciates some of the more temperate climates of Northwestern Æsir, enjoying only 220 days of rain per year, as compared to the Baermein-Æsirian average of 261. During the summer, warm winds sweep in from the southeast, contributing to a very temperate climate, with temperatures climbing nearly as high as 90 °F.


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