The Mystery of the Skull

The Journey

At last, the secret of the skull is revealed... but along with it comes great misfortune...

At last, the players reached the Feywild, and, once locating Leveis, the master tiefling wizard and one of the seven Highlords of Mithrendain, proceeded to ask him their queries about the skull. Leveiss was pleased to see his old student, Akta, and, though he didn’t know the other players, he welcomed them with open arms.

Leveis discovered a very disturbing secret after spending a short amount of time probing the skull for knowledge. It is, literally, the skull of the evil ocean god Dagon, and the stronger that Dagon becomes, the more the skull will maintain its control over Dr. Decap, and the easier it will be to find him, and, in turn, the rest of the party.

However, the players also learned of what they must do if they want to be free of the fate of the skull – they must carry it to the Great Rift, a giant gap between the planes that lies about 60 miles south of Nordby, and throw it into the rift, in the hopes that it will be ripped to pieces. However, there are no guarantees, and it’s possible that the skull may remain with the group, feeding off the life energy of Dr. Decap and his friends. Leveis also told the group about a temple of Dagon about twenty miles north of the Great Rift, where they might be able to find further answers to their questions.

With this new information, the group decided to reveal to Leveis the truth about how Dagon has made his stunning comeback to the pantheon of evil gods – about how they opened the sarcophagus in the caves at Ashenport and Dagon escaped. Disgusted with the recklessness and stupidity of his pupil and his friends, Leveis cast out the adventurers and bade them not to return.

Certain of their mission, the group left the Feywild and returned to the natural world. After a short walk, they arrived in Catsmit, where they chose to stay for the rest of the day. After an uneventful night, the group left early the next morning for Nordby.

Arriving late that afternoon, the group headed to the market, to procure a map to the Great Rift from the cartographer who gave them the map to the Feywild. After purchasing the map, the group returned to Big Red, so that Ramrod could challenge Rake McCall to a rematch. While Rake dealt stunning blows to Ramrod, the mighty minotaur broke Rake’s arm and knocked him unconscious. The group stayed the night at the Silver Unicorn, then headed out the next morning to begin their journey towards the Great Rift.

After a short walk, the group reached the Rhen River, where they met an old man who ran a boat passage. Negotiations quickly turned nasty, however, and it resulted in Ramrod pushing the man through a wall and the theft of all the money in his till and all three of his boats, one of which sank under Ramrod’s great weight. Dr. Decap also lit the building on fire with an exploding arrow, as the group crossed the river.

Upon reaching the other side, the group reached the other side and traversed down the coast. As the sky grew dark, they decided it’d be wise to stay at an inn in the tiny village of Lorepeak, about six miles south of the river. Upon reaching the village, however, the group was ambushed by four cultists and a new creature – a fish-spawn of Dagon!

While the group fought valiantly, their opponents were mighty, and the players suffered heavy hits, again and again. Akta fell unconscious after skirmishes with the powerful magic-users, who froze large sections of the area, not worried about whether their allies were in the way. In fact, both of the non-magic-user cultists were killed at the hands of their allies.

Dr. Decap was knocked unconscious after suffering hits from the cultists as well, and came close to death as Ramrod struggled to take out the final adversary, falling prone again and again in the torrential rain. Akta was not as lucky. After remaining unconscious for several minutes and fighting bravely to stay with the group, Akta passed away, frozen to death by Dagon’s followers.

While Morpheus performed a ritual on Akta’s body that will allow him to lie dead for 150 days without decomposing, the group now faces the challenge both of dealing with the skull and of searching for a scroll that details a ritual that will allow them the raise Akta from the dead. As of now, the group has holed up in the inn, preparing for the challenges that lay ahead.



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