The Mystery of the Skull

Return of the Fish-Men

The players encounter their old enemies, the fish-men of Dagon in this nostalgia-tinged first encounter.

The players began their journey to the Feywild with a bang in the first encounter of the mission. After leaving Nordby, the characters headed to the Feywild on a two-day trip through the flatlands along the Nordby River.

However, the characters march was disturbed when they came across a middle-aged man piloting a wagon. At first, the man seemed friendly, but at the first mention of Dagon, the wagon behind him erupted off its wheels and wreckage hit several of the players. About a minute afterwards, fish-men of Dagon exited the cart and attacked the characters. While the horses provided cover and distraction for the fish-men to hide behind, the characters emerged victorious, killing all the fish-men while sustaining minimal damage. Ramrod personally challenged the wagon pilot, who turned out to be a cultist, while the others fought the fish-men valiantly, until Ramrod intervened and finished the fight. Overall, Ramrod was easily the most valued member of the party, killing three of the four assailants, and using both his poisoned spear and his rousing warhammer to defeat the enemies. Ramrod even ripped the arm straight from the socket of the cultist, who now lies unconscious in a pool of blood.

Now, as the sun sets, the characters attempt to calm the horses and get to a nearby town for the night, hoping they might reach the fey crossing tomorrow afternoon.



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