The Mystery of the Skull

Battle at the Crossing

After reaching the Fey Crossing, the characters dealt with some unsavory enemies.

After a short, five-hour journey to the Fey Crossing, the party had finally arrived at their goal. But before they could whisk themselves away to the Feywild, the party was ambushed by a group of fish-men and a Priest of Dagon!

The opponents immediately had an advantage, as two fish-men lurking in the trees poured boiling oil on the party, most of whom it hit. But the party bounced back, dealing with the burns and knocking the fish-men from the trees.

While the fish-men sustained hits and fought in melee combat, the priest swore oaths to Dagon and jinxed the party, lighting them on fire and even deflecting their attacks. Against both the fish-men and the priest, the party suffered hit after hit as it tried its best to fend off its attackers.

Dr. Decap remained stationery for much of the adventure, fearing the wrath Dagon might inflict on him if he harmed his opponents. Eldrane was taken out after suffering multiple blows from the priest and the fish-men, and Akta was also knocked out after valiantly engaging the priest in one-on-one battle.

Meanwhile, the fish-men, too fearful to fight Ramrod, were demolished by the hulking minotaur, who killed each one of them in cold blood with his poisoned spear. The priest, however, after sustaining high amounts of damage from the rest of the party, especially Akta, was killed by Morpheus.

After defeating their enemies, the party revived their fellows and crossed into the Feywild, to meet with Akta’s old arcane master for insight into the mystery of the skull.



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